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Sell Your Item

If you are interested in selling your unwanted jewellery, just come into one of our branches and we will assess the value of your items and offer a price to purchase them from you.

If you agree to the price, all you will need to do is produce a form of identification ,sign a form, and we will pay you cash, cheque or via internet same day bank transfer.

Examples of items that we buy:

Gold and other precious metals and coins

Diamonds and other precious gemstones

Jewellery and silver items (tea sets and candlesticks, etc)

High quality watches

Scrap and broken precious metals

Please note: It may not always be possible to offer you a value immediately and some items may have to be left with us for a day or two for further assessment. You will be given an itemised receipt for your goods and will receive a value from us by phone or in person when you come back to collect your articles.

If you require more information, please contact us.



01702 472227

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