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Pawnbroking is a quick and easy way to borrow money, using jewellery or watches as collateral. Our service is carried out in private rooms; it is friendly, discreet and confidential. The amount we can lend depends on the weight, quality and rarity of your goods. Once an amount is agreed, you will be asked to simply sign a credit agreement (there are no lengthy forms to complete) you will then be given a pawn ticket which you will need to redeem your jewellery. The contract lasts for 6 months, but can be extended if the interest on the loan is paid up to date. For the period of the contract, you remain the owner of your jewellery.

We take gold, diamonds and quality watches as collateral.

Your valuables are then kept in our time locked, bankers and treasury quality safes, until you decide to collect them (any time during the six months contract).

We also buy unwanted Gold pieces from customers, simply bring your items into our shop for assessment, or contact us for information or advice.

We are Members Of The National Pawnbrokers Association, ‘Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority’. Written Details On Request.

Loan subject to terms and conditions. You may lose the right to redeem your goods if you fail to pay the outstanding loan, plus interest within the specified time.



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