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Edwardian 9ct Gold Mesh Handbag

Posted: 21-11-2019

Mesh purses and handbags have come in and out of fashion a number of times, notably in the early 1800's where they were they were sought after by discerning Victorian ladies. 
Flappers went crazy over mesh bags in the 1920's, especially those with screen-printing or enamel zigzag patterns. During the Depression, designers switched to base metals like copper, and the style all but disappeared during the rations or World War II
But, the mesh bags made a comeback in the '50s as stars like Ingrid Bergman and Jane Russell sported them in the movies. in the '70s, mesh was even used in halter tops with matching disco bags.
Over the years we have been lucky enough to see some excellent examples of gold and silver purses. These are usually from the Victorian or Edwardian period and have been in various states of repair. We currently have and Edwardian 9ct Gold Handbag of excellent quality.


This Handbag has been constructed using mail-link mesh and a chain style strap that has an assay stamp to every link
The top has hand engraved foliate design and is hallmarked London Import 1909. The whole item weighs 167.1 grams.