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15ct Gold Albert Style Bracelet

Posted: 21-11-2019

15ct Gold was a UK Standard of gold fineness and used in the manufacturing of fine jewellery for 78 Years.
It was first introduced during the Victorian era in 1854 and  used throughout the British Commonwealth until 1932.
The fineness of gold (62.5% in purity or 625 parts per thousand) made it desirable but was not as soft as 18ct or 22ct gold that was also readily used during that period and thus did not wear as quickly.
Items made of this standard of gold are now quite rare, even rarer when in good condition.
We now have a excellent example of 15ct gold jewellery from this period.
An Albert style bracelet that has a swivel catch and T - bar.
It is assay stamped 15ct every link, with stamps to rings and T - Bar.


Made from solid curb style links, the bracelet weighs 52.1 grams. It is from the late Victorian period (circa 1900) and is priced at £1,950.